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So You Want to be a Dental Assistant, but You Aren’t Sure if it’s For You

Thinking about joining the field of dentistry but you aren’t sure if you are cut out for it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Included in this article is a list of personal qualities and personal skills that will help determine if you would be a good dental assistant. Now, I know, I know, it’s hard to measure these kinds of things with a good sense of realism. Chances are that if you don’t fit this mold you could still be a dental assistant; however, why would you want to be something you wouldn’t personally fit into? These are skills and traits picked out specifically to measure whether or not you would enjoy the job. So if you don’t fit these traits, skills, or qualities then don’t bother becoming a dental assistant – you just wouldn’t enjoy it.

Good communication Skills

Naturally, as an assistant of any kind in any kind of medical profession you would want to be good at communicating. Dealing with patients and  just people in general will become a part of your everyday life. So if you are not a people person and you aren’t very good at communicating i.e giving out instructions, being warm and welcoming, providing/extracting necessary information from people – then you wouldn’t enjoy being a dental assistant.


As a dental assistant you have to be highly organized. You’ll be handling a lot of fragile and important equipment. Whether it is tools needed for the job all the way to medicines used on the job it is your responsibility to sort through these, store them, and to make sure they are where they are supposed to be. You also handle a lot of important information like patient records and files. These have to be alphabetized and stored accordingly, so organization is a natural ally when it comes to these duties.

Passionate about the Industry

Nobody likes being around somebody who hates their job. It’s depressing for all persons involved. Being a dental assistant is a lot like dipping your feet into the dentistry field. It is a start of a career for most people involved, and if you aren’t seeking to continue a career and perhaps one day be a dentist yourself then you should not consider becoming a dental assisting. Don’t do something you are not passionate about otherwise you will not be happy.

Professional Skills all Nurses Need for Success

Career as a nurse is rewarding not only in terms of money but also spiritually. Nothing can be better than serving people in need, and that is exactly what nurses do: take care of the sick. It’s a great contribution towards the society and brings along much happiness and job satisfaction.

How to be a nurse?

Technically, one needs to take official nursing training in order to become a nurse at reputed hospitals. Such training institutes are often Government sponsored and students promptly find jobs after the completion of their courses. Apart from the educational and practical medical training, there are also a few other skills nurses need.

Skills a nurse needs to possess:

Following are the professional skills nurses need in order to perform their duties flawlessly:

  • Communication Skills:

A nurse often works as the intermediary between the patient and the doctor and therefore they need to have effective communication skills. The doctors will only pay scheduled visits, while the nurses are on constant watch. Therefore, they must have the ability to have an open conversation with the patients regarding their grievances and then they must pass it on to the doctors. Similarly, the directions from the doctor need to be passed on to the patient and their families for their better understanding of the situations. These too would require effortless communication.

A nurse will also be required with have thorough communication with other fellow nurses since they’ll be sharing their responsibilities regarding the patient.

  • Prompt thinking:

As a nurse, you’ll be facing critical situations every now and then and as such, the person must be able to make prompt decisions or the lives and well being of patients would be jeopardized. There are usually several alternative treatments to a given health crisis and critical thinking would enable the nurses to choose the most effective discourse. They must be confident and quick while making the decisions.

  • Patience and the mind set to serve:

Once again, a nurse will have to face numerous crises a day, and thus they must be very patient in dealing with those situations and emergencies. This is certainly not the job of those who easily lose their temper or their calm of mind. Also, they might be altering between schedules and at times nurses might be required to make certain compromises with their personal lives. They must be willing to do that before choosing this career option. Their own disturbed mind should not have any impact on the patients or their families.

  • Attentive:

A nurse must be aware of everything that’s going on with their patient and they must be able to keep a keen eye on every small detail. It’s important to remember the smallest detail for that might be the way to cure. They need to maintain detailed charts, must be aware of all the needs and symptoms of the patient and must ask the right questions. They must be able to detect any change in the condition of the patient immediately.

With these skills, a person can excel in their career as a nurse.

How to Work in a Hospital: Hospital Management and Available Career Choices

With different and wider career prospects opening up for students, one can explore more than just the conventional jobs and career options. A number of fields have opened up in recent times that provide tempting job opportunities, and one such field would be jobs in the hospitals. They often come with a rewarding salary and most importantly, you get to serve the society in a way. Respect, job satisfaction and money come hand in hand with the right jobs in a hospital.

Step 1: Hospital Management:

This is the field of study that numerous students are choosing today. The purpose of the course is obvious from its very name. Just like business management prepare students to find suitable job in corporate sector, hotel management gets you high end jobs in luxury hotel chains, Hospital management similarly opens up the career options in the hospitals. If you’re wondering how to work in a hospital, this could be the possible first step – a course in Hospital Management.

Step 2: What can you learn from Hospital management Courses?

The Next thing to be considered is that what one can learn from these courses about how to work in a hospital. There are a number of topics which are covered and based on their study; students can thereafter decide which job would be suitable for them. The courses cover:

  • Maintenance of Community relation.
  • Implementation and development of public policy.
  • Healthcare Laws.
  • Privacy concerns.
  • Financial Management for the hospital.
  • Employee retention and labor laws.

Step 3: choosing the right career option:

During the course of their learning, students need to make up their mind as to which field draws their particular interest and which positions they would like to apply for. While some might have an interest in recruitments or public relations, some students might find labor laws or healthcare laws interesting.

Some of the major positions available in a hospital are:

  • Administrator / Executive:

The Administrators and the Executives are concerned with the management of the hospital as a whole. The highest position is that of the CEO who is the head and to whom everyone else is supposed to report. The other positions are Chief Financial Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Information Officer and others.

  • Recruiters:

They have the same job as HR managers; they are responsible for making advertisements for available positions, for conducting selection and interview procedures. There can be a number of such recruiters recruiting physicians, medical and non-medical staff.

  • Receptionist:

Everyone knows about this job description –  a receptionist is supposed to man the front desk, interact with the families of the patient, receive phone calls and maintain communication.

  • IT staff:

Improvement and increased dependence of the hospitals on Information Technology has also opened up new job opportunities as IT Healthcare professions. They might or might not be required to have a clinical background.

Then of course, a hospital needs its doctors and nurses but students need to go through medical courses or nursing training for these occupations.

How to Pick a Healthcare Certification that is Right for your Career

There are students who are involved in healthcare educational training and try to find out which certificates are best for their career advancements. There is a saying that once you follow the regulations and complete all respective studies for an exam and get a certificate is done. But it is not true in education for healthcare issues. The more practice one does the more appropriate that person becomes.  These are some essential steps of best healthcare certifications for the money:

Are you motivated to have a certificate? Then you must be experienced and equally proficient in practical experiments. Continuing the education will help you understand the current requirements, rules and regulations of the career. If credentials are your target then you must be prepared to use lot of money with time. But in this case, you have to be very confident to gain the success due to the expenditure. If you are searching for the best healthcare certifications for the money then finding these points will be helpful.


It is termed as Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management systems. As the name suggests, it is a certification you will have after completing training in healthcare information and also management systems. It is all about information and management in the healthcare issues of the day. That is why this certification is quite focused on these two subjects. There is a chart released in the end of every year when the possible CPHIMS certified students are enlisted. In recent times, it is around 44%.

This specific certificate is well recognized in International levels also. It implies the meaning of your compatibility to perform all business and healthcare improving managerial tasks with positive results with using modern technology. By this it is also mentioned that a proper healthcare setting is maintained in the targeted organization. For your information, this certificate is not a technical certificate to begin with.

2: FACHE Exam

It refers to Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives. Here what is mentioned is that when a person gains this certificate, one also gains the skills and confidence to have a successful career in the healthcare organizations. This specifically points its focus on healthcare administration and not on information administration. The necessary education to aim for this certificate requires a post-baccalaureate degree. If any student wants to go beyond any normal IT certification in the healthcare departments then he/she can obviously start with this one.


It stands for Certified Healthcare CIO. Many considers this certificate to be one of the newest inventions by the IT and CIO departmental executives. The main agenda of this certification is to deliver commitment, experience and knowledge with skill which is also the main subject of CIO and IT professionals.

4: CMA

The CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) certification is the certifying exam created by the AAMA. Passing the exam allows individuals to be certified as medical assistants. Medical assistant employment is growing at over 20% every year so this certification should pay off for those seeking full time employment. No previous education is required to take the CMA but must earn a medical assistant diploma  before taking it.

Step 6: Other certificates for a grand success:

Other certificates:

There are other important certificates which are equally important due to their proper usage in the healthcare departments. They are Certified Public Accountant or CPA, Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT or CGEIT and many more.

All these certificates have their respective areas of performances. Attaining them with proper practice is the best possible way to do justice for them.

Three Steps to Becoming a Medical Biller and Coder

Different medical grounds: Medical billing and coding

There are lots of opportunities when you are trying to find a better place in the career of healthcare organizations. There is a perfect appearance for the medical coder and biller in those health organizations. These men and women working as a medical biller and coder are commonly known as medical records and health information technicians. Necessary steps are taken when learning how to work in medical billing and coding:

Step 1: Necessary education to perform as medical biller and coder:

  • There is general guidance when someone tries how to work in medical billing and coding But basically, one must possess a certificate in the associate’s degree in the medical coding and billing program. Any student of this syllabus must learn about classification systems like ICD-9, DCM-IV, HCPCS and CTP etc. All training and experimental approaches are bound to follow rules of medical terminology.


  • As they are trained in this department they are asked to perform perfect duties in medical insurance and for this a proper course on this subject is also held. Some of them are belonging to Medicare, Blue Cross etc. Then there are extra involvements of law and its rules learned by medical coders to perform without any mistakes when medical insurances and also Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or in short HIPAA are handled.

Step 2: Important certifications for these fields:

  • Each and every employer is satisfied with the employees who hold proper certificates to perform in their respective fields. Although it is not mandatory but in the current rat race of the modern career builders, it has become an important perk. The most preferred certificate in this field is CCA or Certified Coding Assistant. This certificate is obtained after the examination held by Health Information Management Association. To participate in this examination one student must complete their graduation.


  • There is another certificate and with higher respect and that is CCS or Certified Coding Specialist. One must remember that the examination for this certificate can only be given after having few years of practical training and experiences in the field. This is basically divided in two separate ways. They belong to either hospital or physician based categories.

Step 3: The purpose of medical biller and coder:

  • Medical records and health information technician or medical biller and coder perform in different levels of the medical organizations. They can perform differently as those who specialize in either billing or coding. Their working grounds are based on healthcare related issues like in hospitals, insurance companies, nursing homes and also at physician’s office.


  • The choosing of a stream is necessary here. As there are two different options of hospital based and physician based biller and coder. By doing such concentrated training and practice any medical biller and coder can adjust a major talent on some specific categories of medicine. The common example will be of pediatrics and also of gastroenterology.

No matter what the part, special knowledge and skill is required for this matter.  As there are coding systems attached with some medical approaches, decoding them and with proper methods are quite necessary above all. They are also responsible in keeping records of both present and past records of a medical report for any patient.

A Day In The Life of A Dental Assistant

So you want to be a dental assistant but you are not sure if this is the job for you. You’ve looked at certain programs, maybe even checked out a few colleges or technical colleges, but you still aren’t very sure what it is that dental assistants do. Are they like administrative assistants? Or are they more like actual hands-on assistants who help the dentist out with clinical procedures and tasks? Well look no further, because this article is about a day in the life of a dental assistant, and it will cover some of their daily tasks and procedures.

A typical day goes as follows:

Dental assistants start off every day by getting to work about half an hour to forty-five minutes before the office opens. This is in order for them to able to make sure that they are stocked on supplies, and also in order to prep the stations in which they service patients. There is a lot of sanitation involved usually before and after a work day. A dental assistant makes sure that charts, x-rays, and all necessary materials are ready and set up to start the day.

There about twenty different things to do in order to prepare for each patient like: bringing them to the room, seating them, putting on their bib, having them rinse their mouth, and so on. All of these steps are usually repeated throughout the entire work day for every patient. Sometimes, a dental assistant is seating multiple patients at one time, so the ability to handle pressure well and multi task is very important.

Once the patient is seated, the assistant informs the dentist, and they work together on whatever procedure the patient needs done. The assistant provides the dentist with what ever materials they need, and they help out through every step of the procedure.